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Residential Restoration, Renovations, & Remodeling Services in
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Residential Renovations in St. Louis, MO -
No two properties in St. Louis, MO are the same in terms of owner preference or even desired layout, which is why it’s essential to hire an adaptable renovation company:

    🔧 Room Additions
    🔧 Basement Finishing
    🔧 Room Conversions
    🔧 Custom Construction

How We Can Help Local Homeowners in
St. Louis, Missouri

For the better part of thirty years, our company (Creative Renovations & Building, Inc) has been at the forefront of many renovation, restoration, and remodeling projects here in St. Louis, Missouri for a variety of reasons. In particular, our diligence in detail, experience in execution, and commitment to consistent quality has been the driving force behind not only the success of our renovation & remodeling operations throughout St. Louis, MO but also to the success of our respective clientele as well. As such, we are proud to offer a wealth of renovation options, remodeling services, and unequaled expertise regarding varied restorations; including both residential and commercially-scaled ventures.

To learn more, please continue reading about the various renovation, restoration, & remodeling services we offer in St. Louis, Missouri on behalf of our local, valued patrons:


Residential Remodeling in St. Louis, MO -
We are dedicated to providing a wide range of residential remodeling services in St. Louis, MO; including the following home remodeling options:

    Bathroom Remodeling 🔨
    Kitchen Remodeling 🔨
    Bedroom Remodeling 🔨
    Closet Remodeling 🔨


Residential Restorations in St. Louis, MO -
Having a reliable company in St. Louis, MO (us here at CRB) with specialized restoration experience regarding residential properties can prove to be invaluable:

    ⚒️ Flood Restorations
    ⚒️ Fire Restorations
    ⚒️ Basement Restorations
    ⚒️ Insurance Repairs





Commercial Renovations, Restoration, & Remodeling Services in St. Louis, Missouri




How We Can Help Local Businesses in
St. Louis, Missouri

Another key aspect of our company’s penchant for local preference is our all-inclusive coverage for renovations & restoration services regarding commercial properties in St. Louis, MO. It’s been our company-wide goal to remain as a local resource for renovation, remodeling, and restoration services for large-scale, commercial properties here in St. Louis, Missouri - and nearly three decades of unwavering client-based loyalty is a clear testament to that. Having made that mention, we’ve outlined a few notable areas of expertise regarding commercial renovations/restorations that we’re often responsible for fulfilling on behalf of commercial property owners in/around St. Louis, MO.

Please note that we take pride in our flexibility & adaptability when tasked with commercial renovations & restoration services in St. Louis, Missouri and are not solely restricted to the commercial service-capacities listed below:

Commercial Renovations, Restoration, & Remodeling Options in St. Louis, MO



Flood Damage

During the unfortunate event of your commercial property becoming flooded due to poor plumbing, improper drainage, or the effects of inclement weather, we here at CRB (Creative Renovations & Building, Inc) are well-versed in many flood damage renovations, restoration, & remodeling services aimed at correction.

water damage




insurance repair

Insurance Claims

Much to the delight of our local commercial clients in St. Louis, MO, are also fluent in many aspects regarding insurance claims that pertain to commercial properties and any inadvertent damage or underlying issues that spur the need of the insurance claim to begin with.




Suite Remodeling

From the framework that outlines a room’s layout to the drywall & sheetrock that comprises a suite’s wall’s, ceiling (lid), and partitions; it’s essential that each aspect of a commercial suite remodeling project is in sync with each progressive phase.

suite remodeling




property expansion

Property Expansion

Whether it’s expanding one’s commercial property to accommodate a burgeoning workforce, surplus of production & productivity, or simply exploring modernization opportunities offered through commercially-scaled renovations; it’s always recommended to pursue local patronage through experience as opposed to frugality.

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